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Are you feeling…

Exhausted? Stressed? At a loss?

Find out what the 


about sleep & wakefulness in babies and toddlers

AND what you may be able to do to improve it...

Find out what the EVIDENCE REALLY SAYS

about sleep & wakefulness in babies and toddlers

AND what you can do to improve it - WITHOUT sleep training...


Get the latest evidence-based information on sleep and wakefulness for babies & toddlers...  

PLUS my Top 5 Baby & Toddler Sleep Tips:

"2 days before starting your mini course, it took me 2 hours to get my baby boy (5.5 months old) to sleep. This was followed by multiple wakes and a split night. I was broken. This kind of night was becoming more and more normal for our household and my frustration, stress and anxiety were at an all time high. I was so consumed by sleep and trying to gain more of it. I was falling deeper into a dark place. Everything was affected, and I just cried a lot. 

After only 4 days of your mini course, I have had 7 hours sleep last night and only 4 night wakes. This is a vast improvement! My baby is feeding to sleep and then can be placed comfortably in his bed, no excessive patting for hours or sitting waiting for him to stir in 5 minutes. And for the first time in weeks I slept for a stretch in my own bed (I have been sleeping on the floor of his room).

Your course has changed my mindset. It has made me enjoy my baby again! Enjoy motherhood and stress less. And it’s reminded me of what's important and that I need to trust my instincts and my baby's biology.Your way of delivering the information is easy, accessible and comprehensive. You are personable and relatable but also deliver facts that are backed by research and science. 

I would just like to say thank you - I can't say it enough!!

- Missy


"Summarising the key points of all that research is so, so valuable. Thank you Georgina for saving me from reading all those studies! You've done an amazing job of it 👍👍" 

- Kirsten


There's sleep deprived...

...and then there's 

If your little one is waking frequently or is awake or restless for extended periods at night, then you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! 

Life with a very wakeful little one can be REALLY tough...

Days are often spent in survival mode. And evenings are filled with anxiety for what the night ahead may bring. And then there's the stresses and frustrations of dealing with things like settling difficulties, really short naps or unpredictable sleep patterns...

You always expected to be tired. 
But this is tiredness on an entirely different level!

And the worst thing?

Not knowing what you can do to change it.

Feeling like you've tried EVERYTHING... 
(and possibly spent a small fortune in the process!)
But NOTHING seems to work.

Your little one is healthy and happy...
But this kind of wakefulness just doesn't seem 'normal'.

Why is she such a LIGHT SLEEPER?
Why does he need SO MUCH HELP to sleep?
WHAT ELSE can I do?

You're DESPERATE for answers &
you're DESPERATE for a light at the end of the tunnel. 

But from where you're standing, you can only see two options: 

Cry-it-out  OR  Wait-it-out

And let's be honest, they're both pretty crap.

One requires you to go against your instincts (which - by the way - exist for good reason).

And the other puts you at risk of fast becoming a walking zombie... stealing the joy from your life and affecting your health & wellbeing, your relationships with loved ones, your ability to function properly and enjoy parenthood, and even your safety when you get behind the wheel.

The good news is 

there is a light...

The BIGGEST problem when it comes to baby and toddler sleep is that there's such a huge amount of misinformation out there. 

Parents are bombarded with so many ideas, beliefs, theories and old wives tales. Most of them came about in the early to middle of last century in the English speaking Western world and they've been passed down from generation to generation and over time just kind of considered 'fact'. Even though they're not based on any evidence whatsoever - and even though most have actually been disproven by research.

As a society, we've made HUGE ADVANCES when it comes to our knowledge and understanding of sleep science, neuroscience and child development - especially in the past decade or so.  

But because it takes an average of 17 years for new information and learnings from research to filter down to those at the coalface, the misinformation continues to be shared by well meaning friends, family, and oftentimes even trusted professionals who are just not yet up to date with the latest information. 

This conflicting information and advice is a serious issue. It causes parents so much unnecessary confusion, stress, frustration and in many cases - when it's applied - it can actually cause sleep problems as well. So:

The first step to helping your little one sleep better... to become a bit of a "sleep guru" yourself.

Because when you understand more about baby and toddler sleep science, you'll feel much more confident in understanding your little one's behaviour when it comes to sleep and settling...

...AND you'll know exactly what changes you can make to help them sleep better (as well as what to avoid), WITHOUT any form of sleep training.

Introducing the...

The short (but mighty!) evidence-based baby & toddler sleep course that takes you from


in less than a week!

..and removes all the guesswork and stress out of working out WHY your little one is so wakeful, as well as WHAT you may be able to do to help them sleep better, naturally. 

The short (but mighty!) evidence-based baby & toddler sleep course that takes you from


in less than a week!

  • Become a bit of a ‘BABY SLEEP GURU’ yourself by learning about the science of sleep - how sleep works - as well as what the latest research tells us specifically about baby and toddler sleep, including night wakefulness. 
  • Get your hot little hands on my TOP 5 EVIDENCE-BASED SLEEP TIPS - practical and effective changes that you can make right away to make sleep and settling easier and to help you feel less stressed and more rested. 
  • UNDERSTAND whether your little one’s wakefulness is likely to be ‘normal’ or whether it may be excessive - PLUS know what the possible cause/s of any excessive wakefulness may be AND what you can do to improve it, zero sleep training involved. 
  • FEEL MORE CONFIDENT about sleep in general - stop stressing over naps, or ‘wake windows’, or ridiculously specific nap schedules. Stop worrying about whether your little one is getting enough sleep, or whether they *should* be 'self-settling' / ‘self-soothing’ (which by the way is NOT something that can be taught). And no more feeling confused or doubting yourself when you come across conflicting information or advice. 
  • Be able to CONTINUE RESPONDING to your little one day and night in whatever way works best. There is ZERO sleep training involved. Responsive parenting is 100% supported and encouraged - you CAN feed to sleep (or rock or bounce - whatever works!) and you CAN (safely) bed-share / co-sleep* if you want to. No problem-o!

* Please ensure you ALWAYS follow the safe sleep guidelines. The general guidelines are available here and the co-sleeping specific guidelines are available here

Fast track your way to more restful nights and more relaxing days for the same price as a daily strong coffee!

"I really learned a lot during the mini course. For the price it’s amazing how In depth and helpful it is! For any family struggling, it’s worth it to get out of that ‘what you think you should be doing’ mindset. It taught me not to take sleep so seriously and just enjoy my baby." 
- Rebecca


"Georgina is very engaging and easy to listen to and she explains things very clearly - a big thank you!" 
- Nicole


"Evidence-base and links to research are much appreciated. I have a science background and always look for what the evidence of an intervention is." 
- Jo


Hi, I'm Georgina...

I'm an evidence-based Baby & Toddler Sleep Educator and mum to a gorgeous little one who went through a major 'sleep regression' at 9 months of age…
He was never the world's best sleeper...very ‘colicky’ as a newborn and always more wakeful than other babies around him, but up until that point I'd been managing okay…

Then the ‘regression’ hit and he started waking 5, 6, 7, 8+ times a night. Sometimes every sleep cycle! 

It was absolutely EXHAUSTING. 

This wakefulness went on for weeks until it got to the point where - after a particularly rough string of nights - I reached breaking point. 

I was so sleep deprived I could barely function. My brain was a foggy mess. 
I'd forget why I walked into a room. 
I even left the gas stove running for 6 hours straight while I was out one day (the house survived thank goodness 😅, but still!).
Fortunately, I was in quite a unique position. 

I’ve always had a curiosity for human sciences and behaviour which goes way back to my university days in Melbourne where I studied lots of research-intensive psychology subjects and continued throughout my career where I led many large scale research projects for big corporations, and worked alongside researchers.

So being a bit of a research-nut by nature, I’d actually spent the months before the sleep ‘regression’ deep diving into the science of infant sleep. I was keen to learn more about sleep and wakefulness in general from an evidence-based perspective - as well as whether there was anything more I could do to help my little one sleep better, without sleep training. During this time, I also came across an incredibly interesting evidence-based, physiological sleep solution designed to overcome excessive night wakefulness. 

So when my little one started waking really frequently and it became unmanageable, I was able to quickly apply what I’d learnt and help him get back to a place where he was waking just twice overnight for a quick feed. 

The results were nothing short of AMAZING!

After just 2 weeks, my little one was falling asleep quickly within minutes at bedtime, every time and sleeping for decent stretches at night - waking for just 2 quick feeds overnight 🙌💃  

And I started to feel ALIVE again!

I was able to function properly, be the parent I wanted to be (well, most of the time at least 😝), and most importantly, enjoy time with my little one a whole lot more.

It was a true REVOLUTION.

But unfortunately my story is quite unusual.

Most parents of very wakeful little ones feel stuck. 

They feel like they’ve tried EVERYTHING, and don’t know what else to do. 

I realised that a HUGE part of the problem is that there’s just so much misinformation out there.

Parents are constantly bombarded with all these ideas, beliefs and old wives tales that are NOT based on any evidence. And the worst thing is that all this misinformation causes a HUGE amount of unnecessary confusion, stress and - if applied - can actually CAUSE sleep problems as well. Add to this the pressure to sleep train. And it's no wonder most parents struggle.

I decided things needed to change.

We MUST change the way our culture approaches infant sleep in general - parents need access to factual, evidence-based information on Normal Infant Sleep - AND this alternative solution really should be the go-to solution for excessive night wakefulness in babies and toddlers! 

So I set about being part of the change.

Fast forward to now and after 2+ years of extensive research, development and refining, I have created two *super helpful* resources specifically for parents and caregivers of very wakeful little ones:
This short but mighty Desperately Seeking Sleep 5 Day Mini-Course which provides cost-effective access to evidence-based information and tips on baby & toddler sleep, with a specific focus on improving settling and reducing wakefulness. 

And my flagship program: Baby Sleep Revolution - a hugely effective & comprehensive evidence-based sleep solution that teaches parents and caregivers exactly how to help their very wakeful baby or toddler fall asleep quickly and sleep for longer stretches at night and get to a place where sleep is a whole lot easier and less stressful going forward.

My overall aim with everything I do is to help parents and caregivers have an easier and more enjoyable first few years with their little one. 

It's still early days, my plan is to create a sustainable business that operates under a social entrepreneurship model - with profits being: 

a) reinvested in the business to positively impact more parents through new and existing solutions; 
b) used to fund more infant sleep research and; 
c) donated to charities who are also dedicated to helping parents stress less and get more joy out of parenthood 💞 (side note: if you have any favourites you'd like me to put on the list to consider, drop me a line!). 

I'm so excited to have you here - hopefully this is the start of a much easier path forward for you! 

  • 10 x SHORT EASY-TO-WATCH VIDEOS (just over 2 hours of content in total) delivered to you over 5 days:

  • A TOTAL OF 14 DAYS ACCESS to the Mini-Course video content from the date of purchase - so you won't have to stress if you can't watch everything over 5 days - there's extra time at the end to go back and watch any or all of the videos.
  • YOUR OWN PRIVATE LOGIN DETAILS for the Georgina May Sleep membership site where all the Desperately Seeking Sleep 5 Day Mini-Course videos are hosted. You'll be able to to track your progress and ask questions about the video content along the way. Your login details will be emailed within minutes of signing up - all you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer!
  • ALL THE REFERENCES - all insights, statistics and further resources referred to in the videos are properly referenced below each video, so if you're a bit of a science nut yourself, you can delve even deeper!

PLUS grab this awesome

And find out what the evidence really says about three of the MOST CONFUSING topics / ideas in the world of baby sleep with the:

3 x comprehensive videos that explore the latest evidence behind:

  • 'Sleep Breeds (Begets) Sleep'
  • ​'Overtiredness'
  • ​Sleep Training

$57 USD

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Is PERFECT for you if...

  • You have a wakeful baby or toddler (3+ months old) and you're keen to learn more about what you can do to help them sleep better without sleep training - and become a bit of a 'sleep guru' yourself along the way! 
  • ​Your little one is resisting sleep, waking soon after being put down ('false starts'), struggling to link sleep cycles, loves 2am parties, wakes early in the morning - well before it's light outside, or will only sleep while touching you or being held and you want to understand why this is happening and what you may be able do to help improve things.  
  • You're unsure if your little one's wakefulness is 'normal' for their age, or whether it could be excessive and you want to understand more about what the latest evidence says. 
  • You're feeling utterly bamboozled by all the conflicting information out there, you're not sure what to believe and you'd like to understand what's true, and what's not.
  • You don't have any concerns about your little one's health or development - they're healthy and happy, just very wakeful! (If you have concerns, investigate them first. Or if your little one has any existing health conditions, make sure they are managed and you have approval from your healthcare professional before trying any sleep solutions or changes).

Is NOT for you if...

  • You want a solution that will help your little one 'sleep through the night' or teach them to fall asleep on their own. This mini-course does NOT teach these things because - contrary to what parents are often told - it's not possible to encourage a little one to do these things if they're not developmentally ready. Even sleep training doesn't achieve this - it just teaches a baby not to signal / call out at night. What the mini-course does do however is explore the science behind these two common sleep objectives and sheds light on the reality of what's normal and what's actually possible. While it is usually very possible to help most wakeful little ones settle quickly and sleep for decent stretches at night, it's also important to be aware that it's very NORMAL for most babies and many toddlers to wake at night at least 1-3 times (for some a little more) and need help from a parent/caregiver to get back to sleep.
  • ​You have a wakeful newborn. Wakefulness is common during the newborn period and usually quite normal because their circadian rhythm is still developing and they also need to feed quite regularly. Excessive wakefulness in newborns can sometimes be a sign of an underlying health or developmental condition. So if you have a very wakeful newborn and have any concerns, please make sure you investigate with a healthcare professional first. 
  • You have concerns regarding your little one's health or development - please ensure you investigate and address these first with a healthcare professional before applying any sleep solutions or advice.

Don't waste any more precious time struggling through the nights & days in a foggy haze...

Get started today & learn how you can get the rest you need to enjoy life a whole lot more!

"I absolutely loved the mythbusting - thank God for that!!!! And Georgina, your way of explaining is so good - you're an excellent communicator, it felt like my friend was telling me what's up."
- Kirsten


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